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Thought Provoking Videos

There are videos I come across now and then that I find to be either inspiring or thought-provoking, and that tie into some of the things I write about, so I am including them as part of my blog for others who may share similar interests:


Videos Directly Relevant to Some of My Posts

In my post, “Living in the Moment” (11/28/17), I made reference to the idea that we all seem to be living in two different worlds, and that our experiences are creating very different outcomes.  After posting this, I noticed a video on TED Talks (by Zeynep Tufekci called “We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads”) regarding the impact of artificial intelligence.  This may explain, in part, why we “seem” to be reacting differently to what we think is the “same information”.   Really interesting video discussion!

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