When I step back to consider that all creation comes from a single source (something that both science and religion seem to agree on), then I have to also consider that everything in existence carries that “source” within in.  This means, then, that every perspective, every idea, every act has its origin in that source, and is therefore fundamental to existence.  So, when I interpret things simply from my perspective (which has been influenced by my life experiences, my family, my culture and language, my socioeconomic status, my race and gender, my sexual orientation, my religious or non-religious beliefs, my education, etc.), I have a point of view that excludes the viewpoint of anyone else who’s influences may be different.  That includes people I would consider to be “wrong”, “evil”, “cruel”, “harmful”, etc.  But the reality is, they exist just as solidly as I do, and their existence is fulfilling a purpose that may be difficult for me to understand or accept.  Whether I like it or not, I have to figure out how we exist together.  This is not easy….and it is certainly not easy for me, particularly when I see harm or pain inflicted on others.  But it is essential.  So, I have decided that it is time to begin trying to expand my ability to interpret events going on around me.  If I stay where I am at, I will drive myself crazy, and will contribute to the anger and chaos that already consumes much of the world.  It is important, as a first step, that I begin to view things from a place of peace – not a place of anger.  It is important that I stay informed – watching and witnessing all that is occurring – so that I can put all things in context.  Just like a seed disrupts the ground as it grows into what it is meant to become, so too is the chaos serving a purpose that will permit the emergence of something as yet unknown.

I feel it important to clarify a few things……

  • I do not believe harm, pain and suffering are necessary states of existence.  Inflicting harm on others is a completely human thought process that must ultimately be eliminated.
  • I do not believe it serves any purpose to simply stay “positive and rosy” simply for the sake of doing so.  I am not proposing smiling in the face of evil.  I am proposing an attempt to react to events without judgement as to why things are unfolding as they are and as to why people are doing the things they are doing.
  • I honor the efforts and commitments of all people doing all that they can to prevent and eliminate harm to others and to the environment.
  • I believe in God, but I do not believe that “God” got us into anything or that “God” should fix anything.  Humans are solely responsible for the ways in which they influence their relationships and environments, and they have an obligation to fix the effects of their actions.