Does it seem to you like the world is coming apart?

It is……but what we are experiencing is the darkness before the light……..polarization, once it has pulled everything apart, has nowhere to go but towards unity….and unity is the goal. 

In the United States, tensions are rising up….the tensions that result when cultural and institutional policies and actions are no longer sustainable.  We can’t be a powerful country, when we render so many powerless.  We can’t be a wealthy country, when wealth is not shared, and is, instead, siphoned off for the few.  We can’t be a healthy and secure country when there is no priority to keep all citizens healthy and safe.  We can’t be a free country, when so many are denied freedom from poverty, crime, racism, sexism, homophobia, gun violence, healthy food and water and air, etc.  We can’t be a global partner when we consider ourselves to be the only voice that matters in the world.  And we can’t be a unified country or, for that matter, a faith-based country, when we continue to marginalize and cause harm to individual human beings who we fail to see as our sisters and brothers, and cause harm to our planet who we fail to see as our mother. 

We have reached a boiling point, and, I am afraid that this will be our experience, now, for at least the next 6 months until there is a massive change in leadership committed to changing the course of the nation away from greed, corruption, and bigotry.  But there is good news in all of this.  We are appearing to come apart, because we are recognizing, in larger and larger numbers, that we need to come together – that “WE ARE ONE”!  While protests are building in the US, there is something different occurring.  People are coming together for Justice.  It is not one group pitted against another – it is all groups demanding justice for injustices being shown to their fellow human beings.   Of course, this has been a theme for several years as we have collectively grieved and protested injustices toward different groups.  But notice how the number of protestors are growing – notice the diversity within the groups of protestors – notice how protests in one country are supported by mirrored protests in solidarity in so many other countries.  It is becoming increasingly clearer that we can no longer give our power away to those who abuse their authority in our name. 

We are in the midst of the storm right now, and that is making it difficult to see what is ahead.  We might even refer to this time period that all of us are going through, as “the long, dark night of the soul”!  We are collectively questioning everything, and collectively asking ourselves if this is really how we want to live.  Our collective questioning and longing for change is creating the storm.  But our storm, like all storms, will pass, and while it is raging, it is exposing what is broken, stirring up what is needed to create change, and carving a new path forward.  We can choose to fight the storm, and be pulled apart by it, or we can honor its strength and purpose, and, in so doing, become one with it until it passes and makes way for the light.  In truth, it is allowing for the expansion of human consciousness, and this is what is so desperately needed if we are to survive as a species.  And the way to become one with it, is to listen to your intuition.  Let it guide you to where you should go, what you should do, and what you should learn from the unique experience you find yourself in. 

We are living in a very important and specific time in our history – in the history of humanity, and we have an opportunity to re-create our future.  The pandemic has brought everything to a stop, in all parts of the world, showing us how, “in the twinkling of an eye”, all can be halted, if needed, and revealing that in so many ways, WE ARE ONE and WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!  We have been given the space and the possibility to effect great changes in our lives and cultures where, prior to the pandemic, we might have thought the possibility for great changes were too big and too overwhelming and too impossible to address.  There have been many lives lost during this time – in large part, due to failure in leadership, utter incompetence, intentional corruption and vengeful practices – but we cannot allow those lives to have been lost in vain.  We must use this time, and the time following, to affect changes that serve all. 

So I repeat:  Listen to your intuition.  Watch what occurs over the next few months.  It will look and feel uglier and uglier, but it is not the reality of what is occurring… is only the illusion of storm clouds hiding the goodwill and aspirations of the masses.  We are moving in a new direction that may not be so evident yet, but it is there!  You will find it if you listen to your intuition!

Wishing each of you peace, good health, well-being, and love during these transformative times.