This is a deeply touching and thoughtful post from The Secret Blind, that describes the impact of 2020 so beautifully! I hope you find it as moving and hopeful as I did!  — Anita


That’s what we do each year. Walk into the New Year not knowing what will happen.

Will we change a little of ourselves in an intentional way, or will change occur naturally as we evolve in our own unique lifetime ? Will we create into reality what was once a dream, or will we stick to the safety of the known and do what we have always done?  Will this year finally be the year that we stick to the ‘New Year, New Me’ motto that universally fizzles out by the start of Sping,  or will we just learn to present our true selves to the world that will love us in any way we are?

Does this year promise to hold more magic than any other year has for us, or will we believe that magic only exists in fairytales? Does our success this year depend on our Midas…

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